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At Massage Away Stress, we have a very simple idea, customize the massage to what the client needs and educate them on how to fix the problem. When a massage therapist works on someone and they feel better, but it only last a couple of days, that is probably why you need to make some changes in your personal life! Posture! Stretching! Increased Water Intake!


Our team is going to work with you to better educate you on proper body mechanics and how to make small changes in your life, that can make a substantial difference in how your body feels, the way you walk, and even the way you sleep!

Speaking of sleep, lets start there with a simple thing you need to change right now about your sleeping! Are you a side sleeper? Do you use a body pillow? But are you using it correctly?

A body pillow can absolutely give you the help you need to get a good nights sleep and assist you from waking up in pain. When using a body pillow, it's very important to make sure you're using the full length of the pillow. Don't just shove the pillow between your knees and hope for the best. The body pillow needs to go from your shoulders down to your hips. When you're on your side, a bent leg thrown over the pillow and the same arm thrown over the pillow is great for alignment and posture. This will keep your spine in a straight line with the vertebra staying in a better, less stressed position! If the pillow stops short of the shoulders and you're just using it for your leg, you're causing your spine to twist in your sleep and put pressure on the vertebra. This can cause you to have symptoms of tingling and numbness in your fingers and hands!

If you're having tingling and numbness, its always best to have a doctor check things out to make sure there is no nerves being impinged or anything.

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Staying Consistent!

You must be consistent with how you take care of yourself. And massage is an integral part of that. Our bodies get fatigued, stressed, sore, and worn out from our daily activities.

The hours of sitting at your desk can take a horrible toll upon your body! Guys, are you sitting on your wallet at work? TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR POCKET NOW! Sitting on that wallet causes pressure directly on your piriformis muscle (usually associated with sciatica) and give you severe sciatic pain! Ladies, are you sitting on your foot at your desk? STOP IT!

Coming in once a month for maintenance will improve how you feel and how you function on a daily basis! Working on getting those muscles to relax and back in the right place makes your life less painful and give you the availability for more activities! In a lot of pain? You may need a massage a week or every other week until we get things under control! Why are you waiting to feel better?

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We have been working in the massage industry as Licensed Massage Therapist for years. We are making our clients happier and healthier day by day! You can read a few of our clients testimonials of our work below.

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